Thursday, June 24, 2010

Video: Ruby for .NET Developers (From the Norwegian Developers Conference)

My presentation at the Norwegian Developers Conference, "Ruby for .NET Developers" is available for viewing on Vimeo.

There's a bit of off-color humor in the talk for the sake of making a point about orthodoxy, and done specifically-so for the European audience that it was presented to. So, no offense intended! :)

View it here or open it on Vimeo's site for more viewing options.

Here's the description of the presentation:

After having spent many years coding in C#, and after having spent equally as much time in the C# language culture, Ruby seemed like a lot of bad ideas and heresy. In fact, much of Ruby is heretical to a C# or VB.NET mono–culture, but the productivity gains demonstrated by Ruby on Rails teams remains an unavoidable elephant in the room. This presentation looks at C# code examples side by side with some equivalent Ruby code and shines a little light on what it means to have either "ceremony" and "essence". It challenges the claims of static typing's effect on tooling to deliver "developer productivity". And finally, some examples of Ruby meta programming are given to demonstrate direct solutions to programming problems that would require much ado with restrictions in C# that don't end up doing much more than reducing the efficiency of software development efforts.

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