Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monospace: .NET Open Source Social at the Norwegian Developers Conference


I'm very excited to be working with the folks at the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) in Oslo from June 16th to 18th on a very special event.

On Wednesday evening, June 16th, we'll be celebrating open source software in the .NET space with members of the Mono Project as well as NDC speakers and attendees from the .NET open source community, and the open source curious. Cap off your day with complimentary refreshments and a look at some of the community projects that have changed the face of .NET.

Did you know that you can run .NET applications on iPhone and Android using the Mono Project's open source implementation of the .NET stack? Mono will also let you run your apps in powerful and mature cloud platforms like Amazon EC2 and build for special purpose hardware platforms. Want to deploy your apps to Linux and Mac? No problem, that's what Mono does for you. Use your C# skills to go further than you ever thought possible, and you don't even have to leave Visual Studio!

Not only has the open source community made cross-platform .NET development a reality for all .NET developers, but open source provides a wealth of development tools that have become the leading indicator and the gold standard for where .NET software development is heading. Unit testing, ORM, build scripts, UI testing, MVC, continuous integration, source control... all of these fields were led by open source efforts years before they started showing up in commercial products. Stop waiting to find out where .NET development is going! Come to Monospace and greet the future right here in the present!

If you don't have any experience with open source, join the party and see what the fuss is about. Learn about the wealth of tools available to you as a .NET developer, made available by some of the most accomplished and expert developers in the community. Get your questions answered by the pros, and get tips on how to augment your projects and your skills with the vast array of mature, stable, open source tools and products. This event is for you. You don't have to be an open source hacker to enjoy Monospace. Stick around and indulge your curiosity!

If you're an open source user, add your voice to the conversation. There will be plenty of .NET developers with questions to answer and experiences to share. Participate in discussions and demonstrations and even get a chance to learn about projects that you haven't heard of yet. Bring your laptop and sit down with open source contributors and users for a little hacking and show and tell!

Join Jackson Harper of the Mono Project, as well as myself, and many of the NDC speakers and attendees for a fun night of sharing and networking at the Monospace social.

Check out this list of NDC people who are open sourcers: Rob Conery, Scott Allen, Ben Hall, Roy Osherove, James Gregory, Greg Young, Jon Skeet, Robert C. Martin, Michael Feathers, Louis Dejardin, Sebastien Lambla, Shay Friedman, Anders NorĂ¥s, Kevlin Henney, Lisa Crispin, Richard Campbell. And that's just a partial list! Come out to Monospace and find out what attracts these leading thinkers and practitioners to open source solutions.

Expand your .NET horizons at the Monospace social at the Norwegian Developers Conference. Information, links, and more at: Monospace.us

Also, checkout the NDC conference agenda for great sessions on Mono and .NET open source at: www.ndc2010.no

Norwegian Developers Conference

Many thanks to the Norwegian Developers Conference for supporting and sponsoring the Monospace social, and for making it happen.

See you there!